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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mostly Monsterly - Tammi Sauer

Released August 2010

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Poor Bernadette. She has pointy ears, huge eyes, fangs, claws, a tail, and wears a creepy necklace. Bernadette is a little monster and although she growls and can cause all sort of mayhem, underneath the fangs and fur she is a very different little person.

Bernadette likes flowers, enjoys baking cupcakes and loves petting kittens. So, when it comes time to go to the Monster Academy she is a little apprehensive. What would happen when everyone is practicing their monster moves and Bernadette blurts out “Group hug, everybody!”?

Or worse yet, during the Creepy Noise Class how would her classmates respond if  Bernadette began singing songs like “Love Me Tender”? Hmmm, there could be a problem here.

Fortunately, this is a very resourceful little monster and Bernadette comes up with a plan that makes her rather “skeptical” classmates embrace her and her need to be true to herself.

Young readers will love the “monstrous” illustrations of this picture book’s characters and the positive message that you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself is one that children can’t hear too early.

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