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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Enter the Zombie - David Lubar

Released January 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

I'll come right out and say that if your child loves to laugh and enjoys shady villians, David Lubar's Nathan Abercrombie series is a must! This is the final book in the Nathan Abercrombie series and it doesn't disappoint. In fact, I think it's my favorite of them all.

To those new to the series, it's probably best if you backtrack and read the series in order. Each story does recap past stories, but you'll get the best feel for Nathan and his friends if you've read each book. In short, Abigail's uncle accidentally splashed a potion onto Nathan that turned Nathan into a half-zombie. In Enter the Zombie, Spring has arrived and that brings new problems as Nathan's body starts do deteriorate rapidly. Body parts are ready to fall off, skin isn't doing well at all and Nathan's bones are breaking.

In Enter the Zombie, Nathan and his friends Mookie and Abigail are asked to join Brainy Brawny, a competition involving intelligence and athleticism. Their BUM (Bureau of Misadventures) leader, Mr. Murphy, believes RABID (Raise Anarchy by Inciting Disorder) is using Brainy Brawny to find new recruits. The best way to stop RABID is by getting inside the organization. They do figure out a way to strengthen Nathan's bones for the athletic competitions, but that only solves one of many issues. When school bullies begin to suspect something's up, Nathan and his friends must work fast to find a cure to keep the truth from being revealed.

As this is the final book, long-time readers finally find out what happens to Nathan. Is there a cure, can science keep his zombie body from deteriorating or is he doomed to slowly fall apart? I'm thinking children will love the outcome!

The writing is fluid and includes a few tougher words for advancing readers. Chapters are the perfect length for before bedtime or during silent reading. The problem comes from wanting to put the book down after a chapter passes. Kids I've handed the books to admit that they find it hard to stop reading when time is up. Parents will love the fact that their children want to keep reading. The books are simply that engaging.

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