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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dragon, Dragon - John Gardner

Released November 2010

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Dragon, Dragon shares four tales from John Gardner's Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales. Stories are as follows:

In Dragon, Dragon a kingdom is being terrorized by a ferocious dragon. Whoever can slay the dragon will win the king's daughter, a beautiful princess. The four sons of a cobbler decide to try. Each one failing in their mission. Will the cobbler's youngest,scared, less intelligent son triumph where his older, braver, smarter brothers failed?

The Tailor and the Giant introduces the tale of a giant who devours everything in his site once a month. The kingdom is sick of losing their livestock and people, so they demand everyone take a self-defense course. A cowardly tailor didn't have the courage to take the course. One night, he's out walking and gets lost and ends up at the giant's castle. Soon he learns the truth about bravery.

In the Miller's Mule, a miller is shocked to find his mule can talk. The mule makes promises of wealth that the miller cannot pass up. Yet, the mule ends up telling the king that the miller is a traitor. Just what is the mule up to?

Finally, The Last Piece of Light shares the tale of a land where light is disappearing. A young girl overhears what's happening to the light. That night she's visited by the Lady of the North Star and asked to go steal the final piece of light. The girl is told a poem to remember, but soon forgets. Happiness rests on her memory of the poem. Will she remember in time to save the land?

Dragon, Dragon is only available for Kindle. It's not long, just 30 pages. Many of the stories were ones I'd heard in childhood. As is true with fairytales and folklore, each story shares an important lesson about bravery, listening to your elders, etc. The Last Piece of Light was new to me. It's not a bad collection of stories, though I'm still trying to figure out the lesson in The Last Piece of Light. I'm assuming it falls into the not forgetting to focus on your task category.

I liked Dragon, Dragon, but am not sure it's a book I'd want to keep in an e-book format. I let my teens use my Nook, but I'd never let a younger child have access too it. Because they are children stories, I'd want a copy my children could read whenever they wanted. Honestly, I think I'd prefer buying a used copy of  Dragon, Dragon, and Other Tales.


  1. Good info! Thanks for sharing! Yet, I guess new books/stories for kids must "contain" new creatures, the classical, öld like vampires, elves, dwarfs, wizards with sharp hats, fairies, dragons, princesses, kings, etc. are too ordinary already? I try some new in some of my books (Tale Of The Rock Pieces, The Opposite Of Magic, Kids'Funny Business, etc (weightless korks, glowing, living balls, Brown faces, fiery men, one-eyeds, night fruit, rock pieces, fish-keepers, etc...), I guess many kids, writers, bloggers would agree I'm right?

  2. this is good info

  3. gud story and gud for the kids to read keep up the gud work