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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DC Super-Pets: Super Hero Splash Down - Jane Mason

Released January 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Another entry into the DC Super-Pets series, Super Hero Splash Down features Green Lantern's Space Chipmunk, B'DG. As is true with all DC Super-Pets books, there is an informative bio for B'DG including his favorite foods, special powers and brief biography.

In Super Hero Splash Down, B'DG is enjoying a day off. He's soaking up the sun at his favorite water park. Things don't go as planned when B'DG's nemesis, Dex-Starr shows up causing trouble. Worse, a pack of evil dogs show up. Despite their differences, B'DG and Dex-Starr must team up to defeat the troublemaking dogs before they reach the water park.

Once again, children are likely to love Super Hero Splash Down. The vocabulary is just right with a guide in the back to define tougher words. Super hero actions are enhanced with big, powerful words like KA-BLAMO or SPLOOSH making it fun for parents to read out loud and put real emotion into the action-packed scenes.

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