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Thursday, January 13, 2011

DC Super-Pets: Heroes of the High Seas - J.E. Bright

Released January 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Aquaman's pets Topo, Storm and Ark save the day in Heroes of the High Seas. Atlantis is on the verge of being destroyed by a giant whirlpool coming from Triton Trench. Aquaman goes to investigate with his pets, but must stop to save a baby blue whale and its mother who are caught in the giant funnel. Aquaman requests that his pets continue to the bottom of the trench to find out what's causing the whirlpool.

Down below, Topo, Storm and Ark learn that Black Manta and his evil manta rays are behind it. They want Atlantis destroyed and will stop and nothing to complete their mission.

Heroes of the High Seas is the first of the DC Super-Pets series that I happened to read. Immediate thoughts were that younger children, especially those who are into comic book heroes, will love this new series. The stories are packed with action and bold illustrations. There is mild violence, so some parents may want to look at the books first before deciding if they want their children to read them. The words are perfect for advancing readers, not too difficult but a few harder words are thrown in and defined in the Word Power section.

Each DC Super-Pets book starts with a bio page on the pet and then progresses in to the story. The end of the book features a grid of all super-pets and villain pets. There's also a bio offered on the author and illustrator.

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