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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book News - I See the Sun in China

Six weeks before the official publication (October) of I See the Sun in China written by Dedie King and illustrated by Judith Inglese, this book has received a 2010 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD - Books for Kids category - from the Creative Child Awards Program.
As the world becomes "smaller", it is increasingly necessary for children to get a global perspective from a very young age. Addressing this need, Satya House Publications is pleased to be releasing the first title in a new series of books for children age 5 and up about different countries. Each book in the I See the Sun series will portray the essential cultural elements of one country through the eyes of a child, providing the reader or listener with an understanding "a day in the life" of that child.

Young readers will quickly perceive that children of the world really share a mutual existence even though they speak varied languages, write in diverse alphabets and have contrasting national and regional attire, foods and traditions. They all have family, friends, games and daily routines that make childhood similar at the core. The differences are not so strange, rather, there is beauty and creative power in the diversity. I See the Sun books will help to honor human individuality and at the same time acknowledge our common ground.

Each book in the series will be written in English as well as the primary language of the country, with a glossary providing information about the dozen or so "foreign" words such as those for mother, father, local foods, etc. This will enable children to begin comprehending cultures other than their own, as well as offering an introduction to the concept of foreign languages. A country overview is also included for parents and teachers who want to go beyond just reading the story so they can talk a bit more about the country with a child.

I See the Sun in China is bilingual, written in English and Mandarin Chinese, and beautifully illustrated with colorful collages. The 40-page perfect-bound book is priced at $12.95 and will be available after October 1 from bookstores, Amazon, other online retailers, and directly from the publisher.

I See the Sun in Nepal will be published in November 2010 and I See the Sun in Afghanistan is scheduled for an early 2011 release, followed by I See the Sun in India and I See the Sun in Russia.
I See the Sun in China - Overview
I See the Sun in China follows a young child as she travels from a small town to the city of Shanghai, portraying the events that take place from dawn until night over the course of that one day. The unspoken message of this book is the movement from the old to the new, while still maintaining some connections with the past. Written in both English and Mandarin Chinese, I See the Sun in China is beautifully illustrated with warm, engaging collages made from photographs, paper cut-outs, and drawings. Children will be able to recognize the similarities as well as the differences between their own culture and the culture of modern China.

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