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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Air Show - Treat Williams (Picture Book)

Released June 2010

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Filled with illustrations of all types of private, commercial and military aircraft, this picture book will delight any youngster who loves airplanes. Ellie and her brother Gill are off to see an air show with their father.

The children fly in their father’s airplane into the airport where the show is being held and then spend the day looking at all the displays. After an air show performed by the Blue Angels, Ellie has a marvelous experience when she is taken up for a ride in a stunt airplane.

The woman pilot gives the child a ride she’ll never forget. Afterward, Ellie knows that some day she wants to get her pilot’s license and do stunts like the lady in the little red airplane.

Not only does this book provide a good idea of what happens at an air show but it also opens with a section on what it is like to fly in a small, two engine airplane. It won’t take but a few readings before this book becomes your little pilot’s favorite story!

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