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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moon Dreams - Ruth Martin (Picture Book)

Released August 2010

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Luna was fascinated by the moon and each night she gazed at it before she fell asleep. In her dreams the little girl often had adventures like walking on the Moon. But what puzzled Luna the most was the question – What happened to the Moon during the day when it wasn’t visible in the sky?

Perhaps the Moon hides in the ocean, behind the mountains or it might be covered by the clouds. Where the Moon went was a real mystery and one Luna was determined to solve.

Olivier Latyk’s digital artwork provides the illustrations for this striking picture book. Young children who may also wonder where the Moon goes when it disappears from the night sky will enjoy accompanying this little girl on her quest to discover why the Moon sometimes vanishes.

A nice combination of vibrant, colorful illustrations and a clever text, Moon Dreams will capture the imagination of children four years of age and older. Perhaps it will lead to other questions like – Where does the sun go at night? Why don’t lakes fill up with water and run over when it rains? Where do the birds go during the winter?

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