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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Almost to Die For - Tate Hallaway (Paranormal Teen)

Released August 3, 2010

 What Anastasija Parker wants for her sixteenth birthday is certainly not what she gets. Ana's already nervous. Her mom's a witch and on this evening, Ana is supposed to show her own skills (that she knows aren't there) to become one of the inner coven. All hell breaks loose, literally, when Ana's father shows up--a father she didn't know existed.

Turns out Ana's issues with casting spells isn't so much her lack of skill, it's because she's half-vampire. Her father is a prince and Ana's a princess. He wants her to join the vampire clan and claim her rightful place at the throne. Ana's mother is bound and determined that he's not going to lure her child away so the fight begins.

These aren't the only people fighting, A handsome male witch from the coven and a vampire knight are equally determined to win Ana over. With two hunks vying for her attention, Ana's suddenly finding that turning sixteen is anything but usual.

What a fun story. First romance and vampire/witch lore are nicely blended. There's just enough romance to keep the reader wanting more, but not so much that the actual premise of witches versus vampires is overshadowed. The author's done an excellent job rounding out both aspects.

I enjoyed watch Ana struggle with some of her new found abilities. She is part vampire and her thirst for blood is there, whether she and her mother like it or not. But, I loved that those powers created new situations that heighten the problems that many teens deal with on a day-to-day basis. Because Ana is a typical teen at heart, I think many readers will fully sympathize with her. Read Almost to Die For and you'll see exactly what I mean!

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