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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waiting Out the Storm - JoAnn Early Macken (Picture Book)

Released March 2010

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Summer can be a time of thunder, lightning and torrential rainstorms. In this charming picture book a little girl hears the wind whistle in the trees as it whips the branches back and forth.

“What’s that I hear?” she asks her mother.

“A storm’s on its way, the wind calls the raindrops to come out and play,” replies the child’s mother.

Soon big drops begin to fall from the darkened sky and thunder can be heard in the distance. With a flash, lightning brightens the sky and once again the child is worried.

Sensitive to her daughter’s concern, the mother explains that lightning is “too tricky, it starts and it stops. It flashes and dashes between the raindrops.”

Finding refuge in the house, “cozy as bunnies,"  mother and daughter then wait out the storm as it passes overhead.

Perfect for a child who is perhaps afraid of stormy weather, this picture book and its pleasing illustrations will, when read aloud, sooth the youngster and banish his or her fears.

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