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Monday, May 3, 2010

Savage Safari - Nam Nguyen (Non-Fiction)

Released April 2010

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my... Many of us know that familiar childhood chant, but beyond that, what do you really know about the animals in the world today? Savage Safari provides an in-depth look into some wild cats and other creatures. The book is jam packed with breathtaking photography and facts you may have never discovered. It's a great book for any inquisitive child.

The book includes animals such as the African Lion, hippopotamus, giant pangolin, pythons and more. Each page offers facts about those animals, including their favored prey and their enemies. For example, which wild cat eats the widest range of foods, including insects, fish, reptiles and mammals? Leopards eat almost anything they can catch. Did you know that humans are the number one enemy of gorilla and that humans poach the monkey for its meat?

The book closes with a couple of fictional animals created by taking the most important aspects of the animals featured in the book. Imagine coming face to face with an animal that has the tail of a python, talons of a bird of prey, bite of a crocodile, muscle mass of a lion and attack of an eagle. That would be a ferocious animal to face!

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