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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Micro Monsters - Nam Nguyen (Non-Fiction)

Released April 2010

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

The photography in Micro Monsters is amazing. Quite honestly, I found myself glancing at the pictures during the first run through the book and then going back through to read the text. The book is laced with important facts about the parasites and insects found within the pages, some creepy and others fascinating.

I'm starting with my favorite, the amoeba. The enlarged, microscopic shot of the amoeba resembled nothing of the blob I saw under a microscope in middle and high school. The exquisite detail of their pseudopods and lysosomes were more like a work of art than a creature living in pond water everywhere. Who would have guessed that amoebas are this beautiful blue color!

Other "monsters" within the book include the tick, which is one bug that I have issues handling. The picture of the tick burrowed deep into the skin was grotesque. Honey bees I am fascinated by, but tapeworms are another creepy addition. Yet, all of the insects or parasites are magnified and photographed with precise care and facts about each subject will educate anyone, parent or child.

Micro Monsters: Extreme Encounters with Invisible Armies is a great addition to any curious child's bookcase. It's full of fun facts and impressive photography.

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