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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Louise the Big Cheese and the La-Di-Da Shoes - Elisa Primavera (Picture Book)

Released February 2010

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Little Louise Cheese is not enamored of her old, drab, brown tie shoes. They lack pizazz and are boring beyond words. What Louise really, desperately wants is a pair of sparkly shoes with class. She wants a pair of la-di-da shoes that will make other kids think she lives in a mansion, wears gold underwear, and has two ponies in her backyard.

What Louise wants is a pair of shoes that will make those who see her wearing them think she is "a big cheese"! When her mother takes her shopping for some new shoes, Louise finally gets her chance to buy some la-di-da shoes - or so she thinks!

Louise's mother has other plans and they come home with a nice pair of practical, everyday, brown laced shoes with sticky rubber soles. Ugh! Louise is not a happy camper! But things get even worse. Louise's best friend, Fern, shows up at school the next day and guess what? Yup, she's wearing a pair of new la-di-da shoes!

The situation is about to really test the limits of the girl's friendship. Fern is now acting like a big cheese and by the middle of the day the two former friends are not even talking to one another. When it comes time to walk home, the story takes a rather surprising turn of events that brings the girls back together again. Perhaps la-di-da shoes aren't as wonderful as Louise thought! In fact, perhaps they can be a real pain - especially if they rub the wearer wrong!

A cute story about glamorous shoes, friendship and envy, this picture book will provoke a little laughter and perhaps a discussion about wanting something for the wrong reason and the consequences of one's actions.

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