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Monday, February 15, 2010

McKenzie's Montana Mystery - Shari Barr (Juvenile)

Released March 2010

The third book in the Camp Club Girls series heads to Montana where friends McKenzie and Bailey spend some time on a horse ranch. There, the girls get drawn into another mystery when the camp owner's prized horse vanishes without a trace.

Other strange occurrences have them baffled. Mysterious sounds coming from a ghost town and the appearance of a ghost rider keep the girls on their toes. With the help of the rest of the Camp Club Girls, the pair get permission to do some sleuthing and find out what happened to the missing horse and whether or not the ghost town is actually haunted.

McKenzie's Montana Mystery returns readers to the lives of the Camp Club Girls, friends that met in a summer camp and who live in different areas of the United States. If you've missed the previous mystery books, you won't feel out of place reading Shari Barr's McKenzie's Montana Mystery, but your interest will probably be piqued so that you go find the previous two.

These are Christian novels, but they are not preachy, so I think any younger reader will enjoy them. I didn't find the mystery overly baffling, but them I'm an adult with years reading mysteries. Children will probably have more fun unraveling the clues and trying to decide who is guilty. It's a great series for your 8 to 12 year old girl.

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