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Friday, February 5, 2010

Jack: Secret Circles - F. Paul Wilson (Juvenile Fiction)

Released February 2010

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

F. Paul Wilson, author of numerous adult suspense/horror novels involving Repairman Jack, releases the second in his juvenile horror/suspense series involving a young Repairman Jack. I missed the first, but am going to get a copy because the series is creepy and engaging at the same time.

In Jack: Secret Circles, Jack is still reeling from past events when a young boy in his neighborhood vanishes. Jack feels ultimately responsible because he was possibly the last person to speak to Cody. Instead of taking Cody back home, he'd told Cody to go home before going on his way. Cody didn't head home and now he's missing.

Meanwhile, Jack and his friends encounter a man who runs from the woods stating he was chased by something evil in the woods. No one knows what it is, but Cody has his suspicions that the pyramid he and he friends discovered in the woods might have something to do with it.

Jack: Secret Circles put chills up my spine at times, but it's geared for kids and adds just enough creepiness to keep you hooked. The blend of mystery and suspense blends well with the horror aspect and I found it very hard to put down. Characters are endearing, especially Jack who is forced to make a few adult decisions in the course of this book. The plot moves steadily never slowing down.

The key to getting kids to read lies in making sure they are entertained. I have a feeling that kids introduced to Jack and his friends will soon be reading up a storm.

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