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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The King of Quizzical Island (Picture Book)

Released November 2009

Reviewed by Bob Walch

The King of Quizzical Island
Had a most inquisitive mind.
He said, 'If I sail to the edge of the world,
I wonder what I'll find?'

And so in a ship made of wood from the Tea-Bag Tree, the king sails off on this wonderful voyage of discovery. Although some of his subjects fear he'll sail right off the edge of the world and never return, that's far from what really happens as the curious king visits Jigsaw Land (which lay all in pieces and took nine days and nights to put in place) and Vertical Land (where everything stands on end).

On he ventured through Hurricane Harriet to the Sea of Dreadful Dreams before the fearless king ended up at the back door of his castle. This means, of course, that he sailed around the world since he left by the front door!

But then one of his skeptical subjects said that if the Earth is flat, the king might have only gone around in a circle to arriver back where he started. Hmmm, that's an interesting theory thought the king, so he decided to "dig a tunnel, far into the world, and come out at the other side!". But, that's another story that must be saved for another book!

Amusingly absurd, this rhymed story is somewhat reminiscent of Edward Lear's work and its silliness is bound to appeal to young readers. David McKee's black-and-white drawings (only the king appears in color) add to the fun of a very remarkable journey made by a very quizzical and brave person!

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