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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Indian Summer (Middle Reader)

Released January 2010

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Usually, twelve-year-old Marcie Horton would be thrilled to be spending part of her summer at her grandparent's lake home. However, this year her friends are not joining her. She's going to be stuck with her brothers. As soon as school lets out, Marcie and her friends head to a local festival for fun and games. There Marcie has a strange sensation that she's flying and soon after spots an Indian girl who leads her through a hay bale maze.

Once at the lake, Marcie learns things may not be so bad. One of the popular girls from her class is also around and befriends her. When Marcie learns her new friend's father plans to bulldoze a large section of woods to build expensive summer homes, Marcie, her brother and area residents team up to stop it.

However, a series of strange occurrences, dreams and sightings have Marcie baffled by the experiences she's having. She's not sure she can handle having a new friend and trying to figure out if she's going crazy.

The writing style of Indian Summer is inviting and does pull readers into the storyline from the first page. It's perfectly suitable for middle readers and I'm sure they'll love the mystery involved within the story.

Topics within the story cover issues that some girls do face, such as bullying and misconceptions of those around them. My own children's school works hard to limit bullying, so I don't find that's as common as it was in my day. However, the issue of deciding what someone is like before really getting to know them does arise and it's nice to see that brought to light.

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