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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Can Draw Wild Animals (Non-Fiction/Instructional)

Released November 2009

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Part of the I Can Draw series of interactive books, this how-to book takes the child through the process of drawing a giraffe, elephant, zebra, crocodile and a monkey.

Each spread features four small grids that show exactly how to draw each creature. On the opposite side is a full page empty grid where the child can reproduce the animal. The instructions are broken into elements starting with the head, then the torso, appendages and, finally, the finishing details.

The book comes with a special black pen with erasable ink. The wipe-clean pages also make it easy to correct mistakes and start over again if necessary. A clever way to nurture a child's drawing skills, this series also offers similar volumes on household pets, farms and parks.

I'd suggest you start with the animals and then, if your budding artist enjoys creating his or her own pictures, move to the other, more detailed books. Once your child is fairly proficient drawing the animals, switch to regular art paper and encourage him/her to create a stand-alone piece that can be colored.

You child will not only have fun with this creative book, but this will also help develop hand-eye coordination, observation skills, and create a sense of accomplishment in the youngster. Also, remember that it will take a number of attempts to render a recognizable likeness of the animal, so DO NOT rush things. Let the child work at his/her own pace and enjoy the feeling of "doing it himself"!

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