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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Delays to Postings

It's a shortened school week here due to Parent/Teacher conferences. With that, I'm not home alone and that usually messes my schedule up.

Plus, we received a new gadget for our TV and given the cold, snowy/rainy weather, it's been harder to get outside. Instead, we've been cozying up and watching old movies.

If you haven't heard of the Roku player, it's something to watch for. To cut our budget, we dropped down to only local channels on Satellite. We live in an area where TV reception is horrible, even with an antenna, so to get local news/tv stations, satellite or cable is a must. After we dropped down to the bare minimum, we'd watch our favorite shows through Netflix's instant watch.

The Roku player is a device that hooks to your TV, links to your Internet and then taps into your Netflix account allowing you to watch any of their Watch It Now movies and shows on your TV.

It's not cheap, but those with a PS3, Xbox 360 or who want to pay the $100 to get the Roku box and already have a Netflix account are all set. We've all become hooked to a British TV show, The IT Crowd and have been catching up on all the episodes.

With Christmas around the corner, the Roku Box might be worth watching for.

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