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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Woodchuck Chuck (Picture Book)

Released June 2009

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

He's only nine, so Woodchuck Chuck cannot go out with his father and older brother to chuck wood. Frustrated by this long-time rule about needing to be ten, Woodchuck Chuck goes outside where he shows off his woodchucking talent to a number of animals. A duck, a chicken and even a big pig go flying. Then Woodchuck Chuck learns that his special talent may come in more useful than he ever could have imagined.

Written in simple text and with a great rhyming pattern, beginning readers will have no problem working their way through Chuck's coming of age story.

"What's wrong Chuck?" asked quick quack Duck.
"I'm mad 'cause my dad won't let me chuck.
I could chuck real good and you know I would,
if the Woodchuck Rulebook said I could."

The illustrations by Scott Wakefield are big and bold. Meanwhile, Richard McDermott's story will definitely keep little ones entertained. Plus, what parent wouldn't be amused reading the story that includes a few play on words from the classic tongue twister about woodchucks chucking wood.

If you have youngsters, I'd highly recommend Woodchuck Chuck.

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