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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed (Picture Book)

Released March 2009

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Wink was very happy when he was “accepted to the Summer Moon School for Young Ninjas.” Master Zutsu would be teaching his young students many lessons they would need to know in order to be an effective Ninja. He told them that “Silence is the weapon of the ninja.” Of course that was the last thing that Wink would be able to do because he was loud and bold and always needed attention. “Look at me!” The Master was angry with him for his outburst.

Whenever they had something to practice like the roundhouse kick, disappear in the grass or be obedient on their trip to the zoo he just had to act out. Master Zutsu was always sending him home to his grandmother and Wink was always anxious to “try harder.” Try as he must, he was never very successful. He wanted to “show Master Zutsu he was a good ninja,” but how could he do that? He was a flop. One day he was going by a wall when he heard a loud CLANK! A boy had fallen off a skateboard. Wink decided to show him what to do. The more he showed off, the more attention he got. Would Wink finally find his niche in life and do something where he could get a LOT of attention?

This is a very humorous story of Wink, the boy ninja, who never could manage to stay out of trouble. It will be a very popular tale with youngsters who practice martial arts, but also will speak to the child who thinks he is not good at anything. It will tell children that everyone has something special about them and that there is something they can do better than others. The art work is action oriented and easily catches the humor of the story. Do you have a youngster that always wants to be noticed? WINK!

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