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Monday, July 20, 2009

Smash, Crash (Preschool)

Released January 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Jack Truck and Dump Truck Dan are two best friends who like to create a bit of mischief now and then. They see a hole in the middle of the road with all kinds of cones and cautionary signs surrounding it. They asked each other what they should do, but the answer was easy. “SMASH! CRASH! SMASH-CRASH!” Everything went flying and an angry voice rang out at them, “HEY, YOU TWO . . . ” Jack and Dan weren’t going to hang around to deal with that one and they were soon off to find out if they could find something else to do.

They soon spotted Cement Mixer Melvin and wanted to know if he wanted to “smash.” He was busy and declined the invitation, but Jack and Dan couldn’t resist. “SMASH! CRASH! SMASH-CRASH!” They made quite a mess and cement was all over the place. Good-bye Melvin. Someone was yelling at them again and they had to “step on the gas.” They rolled up to Monster Truck Max (who was busy), Izzy the ice cream truck (“Do you want an ice cream?”) and Gabriella Garbage Truck along with Grader Kat. After a while there was this weird voice calling to them again. Maybe they were in big trouble because the voice was Wrecking Crane Rosie and she was saying “FOLLOW ME.” Were they in big trouble now?

If you’ve ever watched little ones play smash and crash with their cars and trucks, you can rest assured they’ll love this wildly popular book in the Trucktown series. The art work is very colorful, the wide-eyed trucks appealing and the crash smash scenes are a totally mixed up batch of fun. This is a wonderful experience for the emergent reader and there is no doubt you’ll be reading this book time and time again!

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