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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Night's Nice (Picture Book)

Released November 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

The black cat is sitting on the window sill next to the potted plant looking out into the night sky at the “first star.” In another window where the teddy bear sits with one lonely roller skate the crescent moon and the big dipper are shining bright. Out in the darkened yard there are two cats overlooking the scene. There are fireflies, three owls in the evergreen trees and some bats overhead. Nights are good for holidays like the fourth of July and there’s nothing quite like Halloween. Boo!

Christmas Eve is beautiful at night too when you can see the lights and listen to the carolers. At the sea shore you can see many twinkling. “These lights are sea lights, blinking and pretty but wait till you see all the lights ... in the city.” Almost all creatures sleep at night. Lions, snails, turtle, gigantic whales, kings, kittens, birds ... and you!

This is a beautiful little bedtime book that children will find soothing. The art work is vibrant, but the tones are slightly darkened, keeping in line with the nighttime theme. The ending is a perfect invitation for your little one to pull up the covers and get a bit of sleep. “So hop into bed, turn over thrice and whisper this softly: Night’s nice, night’s nice, nights’s nice. Good Night.” This is a classic story that may have been read to you as a child, one that you may wish to read to your children or grandchildren!

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