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Monday, July 20, 2009

Book vs. Movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Movie Tie-in Reissued January 2009

DVD Released June 2009

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC is a chick lit novel, but teen readers developed a strong interest in it when the movie came out. My daughter couldn't wait to read it having viewed the movie and loving it. The problem is the book and the movie are not alike. Hollywood tweaked the first book in the Shopaholic to fit their needs and, as a result, you'll find that the movie lacks the same wit the book contained.

In the book by Sophie Kinsella, Becky Bloomwood has a job writing the financial column for "Successful Saving." The problem is she is a notorious shopaholic and her income doesn't keep up with her spending habits. While trying to dodge bill collectors, she also tries to dodge Luke Brandon, owner of Brandon Communications.

Soon Becky has a plan to pay off her debt. She's going to cut back on her shopping and find a job with better pay or even take a second job to increase her income. Only her attempts at both do not go as easily as she'd hoped.

In the movie version, Becky needs a job and takes one with "Successful Saving" where she has to fudge her financial know-how. Luke is her boss. This is one of the biggest changes. The movie has her friend pushing her into Shopaholics Anonymous, that never happens in the book. The movie is set in New York, the book in London. There are so many differences, you really can't compare them.

If your teen wants to read the book, I'd say go for it. There is one sex scene, but nothing graphic. The author's wit comes through clearly and that is something the movie completely missed.

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