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Monday, July 13, 2009

Always In Trouble (Picture Book)

Released January 2009

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Toby was a bad news dog. If there was any trouble to be had, he could
find it. He would chomp on books hanging out of knapsacks, he’d get
into the garbage, run out into the road, he ate “bread that Emma’s dad
had just baked,” he’d bark “in the middle of the night,” he’d piddle
on the floor and he’d chew on buttons (of course the coat was new).
That dog had something rotten to do every day of the week. Of course
after he did something rotten, those big wide eyes just looked so
innocent. Sunday’s were for rest and he looked like an angel.

By Monday he was right back at it. Emma’s mom was fed up big time.
“Something has to be done about that dog!” Looked like he ate a
sneaker. Emma tried to pay a lot of attention to Toby so he’d behave,
but he was right back at it chomping crayons on Tuesday. For a couple
of days he was a good boy, but on Thursday he was right back at it.
“Something has to be done about that dog!” Looked like Toby was
headed to dog training school, but would he ever be the perfect pup or
would he still be up to his antics?

This is a hilarious book that every dog owner with a chewed up sneaker
or two can relate to. The illustrations of the Simpsonish looking
wide-eyed Toby (who only looks like an angel on Sundays) is adorable
and very appealing. This book will be one that is loved by both the
adult and the child. If you are a cat lover, you need not apply here!

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