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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Too Many Toys (Picture Book)

Released October 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Spencer had a lot of toys. So many in fact, they covered his room from wall to wall and even “spilled down the stairs and into the living room.” In his sandbox he had trucks, a car, a pail, a rake and even a couple of blocks. In the tub it was hard to see Spencer because there were so many floating critters and tub toys he looked just like one of them. Quack, quack. He even had four rubber ducks. He played with quiet toys, loud ‘n crazy electronic toys, stuffies and plastic army toys. If it was manufactured, it looked like Spencer had one!

You name it, he had it because “everyone gave toys to Spencer.” It’s good to have lots of relatives, isn’t it? He even got some neat stuff at Kidburger, toys at school using his Peace Person Points and even the dentist and the doctor parted with a few if he behaved himself. There was a problem though. Tripping over them became a problem for his mom and dad. One day she got really mad. “SPENCER, YOU HAVE TOO MANY TOYS!” She was insisting that he get rid of them, but he liked them all. What was he going to do?

This is a fun story that many parents (and children) can relate to. The generosity of friends, relatives and can really make your house look like a toy store, to say nothing of one big hazard. Spencer is adorable and the art work is detailed, colorful, busy and bright. This is one book that few parents will be able to pass up!

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