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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tony and the Pizza Champions (Picture Book)

Released April 2009

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Packed with colorful illustrations and a few handy recipes, TONY AND THE PIZZA CHAMPIONS is sure to get younger readers involved in both this entertaining hardcover and the recipes that follow the story.

Parents may recognize the characters in the story, especially if they watch Food Network. Tony Gemignani and his team have won numerous World Pizza Championships in Italy.

The story is autobiographical and details Tony's quest to build the perfect team and win the championship. A few pizza related facts are sprinkled in, some I knew and others were informative. Turns out, I guess I'm Texan at heart because I always dip my pizza crusts in ranch dressing!

The story ends with a recipe for pizza dough and actual photos of the pizza tossing team. I haven't tried the dough recipe because I don't think anyone has a better dough recipe than Alton Brown's, but that's my preference talking. The recipe does look solid though. The pizza sauce recipe, I plan to look up. The author also includes recipes for a cheese pizza and then a few ideas that kids will want to try. Finally, there is a detailed instruction guide on learning to toss your own dough, something I've yet to master.

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