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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Inside All (Picture Book)

Released September 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

In and around our universe there is energy flowing, swirling around in our solar system. “Inside the universe is a galaxy/Milky and glowing. Inside the galaxy /Is a planet/Blue and hopeful.” Under the stars in the skies there is a planet awash with green growing plants. Splashes of other colors highlight the landscape. Winds blow through the trees making them move and sing. “Inside the valley/Is a village/Twinkling light showing.”

Inside a home nestled in the valley is a happy home that is growing quiet as nighttime approaches. There is a nice cuddly, cozy bed ready for someone like you to get into. “Under the covers/Is you/Sleepy eyes closing.” There is a heart inside this little one and it is glowing. What do you suppose is inside this heart?

This is a quiet, sensitive, visual book that soothes the emotions and senses. The art work is beautiful and compliments the text perfectly. It as if the author and the illustrator have magically blended into one soul for this project. This is not an active, bounce around book, but rather one in which a parent or caretaker could read slowly and quietly, putting a child to bed. Any lessons to be learned from this book, provided you wanted to find any, could be interpreted by each individual reader as I could see many that could possibly emanate from the words and the visuals.

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