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Friday, June 19, 2009

How Many Cats? (Picture Book)

Released April 2009

Reviewed by Bob Walch

HOW MANY CATS? by Lauren Thompson is a counting book with a twist. Not only does it take the young reader up to 20 (rather than 10 like similar books) and not only do we add cats, but we also subtract them.

One cat slips in through the household pet door, but soon a few friends follow and before you can say "catnip" you have a house filled with mischievous kitties knocking over lamps, batting yarn balls down the stairs, and jumping allover the furniture.

Eventually the fun ends, and in groups of two or more, the frenetic felines finish the frolic and head for home. By the final page the house is again quiet and empty but not quite as neat as it was before!

Robin Eley's wonderful illustrations bring the cats to life and make it easy for children ages three to seven to practice their counting skills. Pay attention to some of the animals' facial features; some of them are absolutely priceless.

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