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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Baby! (Baby-Toddler)

Released May 2009

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

There are all kinds of babies in the world. There are funny looking monkeys, porcupines that twitch their noses, sleepy leopards, elephants sticking their noses in the air, hairy warthogs, quiet, scary crocodiles, thirsty zebras and winking owls. Can you think of some other baby animals you have seen?

“Are you an eagle exploring the skies?
Perhaps you’re a gecko with rolling eyes.
Are you a lion with dust on its paws?
Perhaps you’re a hippo with yawning jaws.”

The collage animals in this book are amazingly well done. Although this type of illustration is not for all adults, it will have great appeal to the little ones. The rhyming text is soothing and this story would make an excellent cuddle up bedtime story. Can you guess who the most treasured baby of all would be?


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