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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fancy Nancy Sees Stars (Picture Book)

Released September 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Nancy is all excited because they are going to take a nighttime class trip to the planetarium. She just loves stars. Mrs. Glass, her teacher asked all kinds of questions about stars. There were pictures of the constellations on the wall and she was very anxious to see them. Robert, her friend, was going with her on this trip. They got on their T-shirts with glow in the dark stickers, spun the planet mobile and even baked star cookies. YUM!

Things started to go wrong. The babysitter was late and when they got in the car it started to rain. It rained and rained and the traffic was so bad they missed the sky show. “Drip, drip, drip go my tears. Robert and I are so sad. We do not even want any cookies.” It was such a sad event to miss out on the class field trip, but as a consolation prize they watched the skies in their backyard. Wait, there goes a shooting star . . . now Nancy could make a wish. What would she wish for and would her wish come true?

True to form there are some “fancy” words in this Fancy Nancy book. This one is a bit different as it is not only an easy-to-read book, but also a primer on astronomy. Nancy and Robert learn about constellations, meteors, orbits, planetariums and star formations and the reader will learn right along with them. This Fancy Nancy was not quite as fun nor as silly as some of the others, but will most likely be enjoyed by its fans and perhaps picked up by those wishing to introduce a bit of astronomy in the homeschool or classroom setting.

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