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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Origami Master (Picture Book)

Released September 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Shima lived all alone up in the mountains. The only thing that kept him company there was a warbler high in the tree outside his home and his origami. Hoohokekyo . . . hoohokekyo! He was a master of origami and if you are a master of something few, if any can do as well or better than you can. One night when he went to bed the warbler suddenly came in his home and worked on an origami elephant. He had seen Shima working and thought he would try it himself. When Shima found the elephant he was surprised because it was beautiful and better than his. Hmmmm, “someone is playing a trick on me, he thought.”

Day after day he plied his trade folding masterful origami. He made a dragon and then spiders. He hid in his hall to wait and see who was playing this trick on him. It was the warbler! He then decided to go into town and get a birdcage. If he captured the warbler, he could make many wonderful things from origami paper. He caught the struggling bird and put him in the cage with origami paper and food. Somehow the bird became inactive and had no interest in origami, even when Shima made all sorts of lovely things to show him. One night the bird escaped and left behind an origami key. Was the warbler trying to tell him something?

This is a beautifully woven tale about friendship, making one and suddenly losing it through thoughtlessness. The art work is very appealing and gives it the perfect oriental flavor. This would be a perfect read aloud and discuss book on the importance of friendship in the homeschool or classrooms setting. In the back of the book are instructions for making an origami bird. There are two additional recommended origami books listed.

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