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Friday, May 8, 2009

Spuds (Picture Book)

Released September 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Money was sometimes hard to come by in the household and often there was “nothin’ left over, not even for us kids.” Ma worked very hard to support Maybelle, Jack and little Eddie. Maybelle, the oldest, was always scheming and thought they would go over to Kenney’s field and harvest some spuds because if they didn’t, they’d rot anyway. After Ma went to work, they got the wagon out, three old sacks and made their way to Waddell Road.

They got down on their knees and started to dig in the dirt with only the moonlight to guide them. Jack worked hard, “thinkin’ on how they’d taste cooked up, fillin’ [him] with all kinds of goodness.” What he was thinking was one thing, what Ma would think was quite another. Oh, my, spuds weren’t the only thing that went into those bags!

Wendy Watson’s art work heavily contributes to the heartwarming tone of this book. Hesse, Newbery Medal Winner, has penned a lovely tale that addresses moral issues that every child encounters early in their lives in one form or another. This is an old-fashioned tale with a never-ending message of the importance of good old home-based integrity and love.

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