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Friday, May 8, 2009

Rain Forests (Non-Fiction)

Released March 2009

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Showcasing the jungle ecosystem from the canopy to the ground, this amazing book is filled with lots of information about the creatures, plants and microclimates that makes the rain forest such a special environment.

From the tallest trees and colorful flowering plants to the smallest insects and exotic birds that prey upon them, this beautifully illustrated volume gives an overview of the rain forest that will dazzle young readers.
After learning about the mammals, reptiles and humans who live in these endangered areas, hopefully the youngsters will want to do even more in- depth research to discover what can be done to preserve and save what still remains of the world's rain forests.

Part of the "Insiders" series of books, "Rain Forests" is ideal for home or school use. Why not check with your child's teacher or the school librarian to see if the book has been purchased yet? If not, this would be a nice "end-of-the-year" gift to give the school on your child's behalf.

Home schooling parents will also find this a worthwhile purchase that can be shared with other home schooling families.

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