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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quiet in the Garden (Picture Book)

Released February 2009

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

The garden is a beautiful place where the wide-eyed boy love to play in. There were birds, flowers, little vegetable plots, a place to read, a little fish pond with a koi fish swimming around and even a bunny hiding behind a flower pot. It was a magical place to be. If he is quiet, he can hear and see many more things.

“I am so quiet, I even hear sound around me–
chirp, squeak, crunch.
I can almost hear a butterfly flutter by.
I sit and listen.”

A robin flew down to snatch berries from a bush. A snail chomp, chomped away at leaves. A butterfly flitted around the flowers. The little boy saw it all. Worms and bug squiggled along the ground and the wide-eyed squirrel crunched his nuts and saw them. The little boy was watching and listening and saw many interesting things when he was quiet in the garden. What kinds of things do you hear and see when you are quiet?

The watching, listening little boy and Aliki’s charming illustrations encourage the young child to revel in his or her own quiet time. An illustrated page in the back encourages children to make their own “quiet” gardens. This is a perfect quiet/circle time book to read and discuss. Oops . . . do I hear something?

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