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Friday, May 29, 2009

Please Pick Me Up, Mama! (Picture Book)

Released March 2009

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Little Raccoon is quite a handful. She's up or down and never quite sure exactly what she wants or where she wants to be. First it is, "Please pick me up, Mama. Kiss my perfect nose." Then, a few minutes later, "Please put me down, Mama. Warm my chilly toes."

"Brush my velvet head…Let's have jam and bread!….Sing to me and whirl. See how fast I twirl!" Little Raccoon keeps her mother busy from sun up to sun down, but Mama Raccoon doesn't seem to mind since they both are having a lot of fun.

Any parent with a toddler who can't decide what he/she wants to do can relate to the dilemma facing Mama Raccoon. "Pick me up!" and "Put me down!" are familiar requests all moms and dads have had to contend with.
But, that's just part of parenting and, let's admit it, when our children are this age they have us wrapped around their little fingers! For a while, we are like puppets and our kids are pulling our strings.

For children between the ages of 3-5, the repetition in the text makes this a good book to use for starting a child on the road to reading. Let your son or daughter handle the refrain, "Please pick me up, Mama!" and “Please put me down…”

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