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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Chicken of the Family (Picture Book)

Released February 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Henrietta’s two older sisters Kim and Clare were always teasing her and trying to get her upset. Older sisters are good at that sort of thing, but when they told her a big fib she fell for it. “We have a secret to tell you . . . you’re a chicken.” At first she didn’t believe it, but the more information the girls gave her, the more convincing they sounded. They told her she had long toes like a chicken and yellow legs. Well, they were kinda yellow and she sure did have long toes.

“I am not a chicken.
I am not a chicken.
I am not a chicken.”

On and on they went and try as she may, she couldn’t shake that feeling that she was really a chicken. In the morning when she got out of bed she saw an egg and two feathers. Kim and Clare did say they plucked her feathers out before she got up. WAAAAAA! She really was a chicken and the only thing she could do was to run away to Barney’s farm and home to her family . . . a bunch of chickens. Would she ever realize she was just a little girl again?

This charming tale lovingly brings to light what can happen if siblings tease each other needlessly. This imaginary tale has adorable cartoon-like illustrations that are bright and busy. This tale can be read aloud or read alone by the more advanced young reader. This story, understandably, has been nominated for the Vermont Red Clover Award for the 2009-10 season. It is a children's choice picture book and will be a sure fire hit with any youngster!

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