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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet (Juvenile)

Released March 2009

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Calvin Coconut. What a stupid name! His real name was Calvin Novio, but his Dad, who had a huge hit with a song called “A Little Bit of La-la-la-love” figured that Coconut sounded better. For him maybe, but not Calvin. A nine-year-old has enough problems without a dorky name. At any rate his father left when he was five and never came back. He had his Mom and little sister Darci to watch out for and didn’t need him any way. He didn’t need Stella either. She was coming from Texas to babysit them! Ugh.

Kailua, Oahu was a fun place to be with his friends Julio and Maya. A fun place if he could stay out of trouble. Sometimes he acted just like his name . . . stupid. When he “watched” an older guy’s kiteboard it somehow got loose and he got pretty beat up in the process. He was supposed to walk his sister Darci home from school and left her there. He had one of those oops moments with the bully Tito and said to himself, “Tito will pick his teeth with my bones.” Then there was Mr. Purdy, his new teacher. It was the first day of school and he was thinking about his rules. “Study. Try hard. Don’t picky my nose.” Hey, where did that centipede go to?!

I fell in love with that mischievous Calvin Coconut, even if his name was a bit dorky and he couldn’t keep his nose clean if he tried. For some odd reason he reminded me of Pippi Longstocking. They both are loveable and have “attitude” and, if you ask me, attitude is a very loveable trait . . . so long as you aren’t in Mr. Purdy’s classroom! Of course Calvin is quite a bit tamer that Pippi. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Calvin in his next book!

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