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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Body of Christopher Creed (Young Adult)

Released November 2008

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

The story begins with Torey Adams recalling the disappearance of a classmate named Christopher Creed. No one knows what happened to Creed, he simply sent an email to his principal that hinted of suicide and was never seen or heard from again. No body, no clues, no sightings...

Torey Adams feels partially responsible for Creed's disappearance. Adams bulled Creed in the past. In addition, Creed listed Adams as one of the people he is most jealous of because Adams "gets everything--athletic abilities, good personalities, beautiful girlfriends..."

Eventually, Adams teams up with a friend to try to unravel what really happened to Creed. Things escalate when Adams becomes a suspect in the disappearance.

THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED is a fascinating story. It captures teen angst incredibly well and draws the reader in with familiar teen lingo and realistic situations.

As an adult, I found a few things that bothered me. Despite all he learns, Adams never really gives up his bullying ways. I would have expected more growth following his experiences. However, I also remember how quickly teens revert to their old ways following a tragic experience, so from a teen's perspective, this will probably make perfect sense.

Carol Plum-Ucci's story will appeal to mystery fans. It's enjoyable and definitely draws you into the lives of the students in Steepleton.

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