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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sarah Laughs (Picture Book)

Released February 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Sarah lived in Ur thousands of years ago. Sarah, whose name means “princess,” was a lively person who drew everyone to her with her smile and laughter. Happy people always draw others to them, don’t they? When she grew up she met a very religious man named Abraham. They married because she knew he was a special man. They only worshiped one God, not idols like many others and they sought to teach others the message.

Abraham followed God wherever he wanted him to go. He often heard God talking to him and told Sarah that “God promised this land to our children,” yet they had none. As they grew old together she remembered the promise and grew sad. Sarah’s smile faded and she no longer laughed. One day some visitors came to visit and spoke to Abraham. “By this time next year, your wife will have a child.” Was this true or would her dreams be shattered once again?

This beloved Bible story comes to life with the endearing art work and poetic retelling of Abraham and Sarah’s faith and partnership. This is a beautifully rendered tale is one that any parent would want to add to their library as an introduction to Bible stories.

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