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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nit-Pickin' (Picture Book)

Released July 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Some things can drive a little girl practically insane and one of those things are named COOTIES! Those nasty bugs were a-crawlin’ on her head and driving her crazy.

I was scritcha-scratchin’
while a batch-a bugs
was hatchin’,
yes, those cooties were
attachin’ to my head.

No one even noticed her crisis except perhaps the dog and her pet turtle. Daddy, Mama, her sister, Gramma and Gramps were all busy doing their own thing. All of a sudden Gramma noticed. “There’s bugs throwin’ a picnic on your head.” Everyone soon jumped into action and had ways to get those “itty-bitty nitties” out of her hair and some of those ways were not all that fun! Nope, not fun at all.

I found myself chuckling several times reading this book (well, maybe honking.) It was a perfect way to “talk” to children about lice. As a parent and former teacher who has experienced this “crisis” with many children, I feel it would be a welcome comic relief. The comedy we see in many situations often comes at a much later date, but this book would be a nice way to bridge from the upset to the laughter.

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