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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hat (Picture Book)

Released March 31, 2009

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Finding a large red hat on a park bench, a little boy's imagination runs wild thinking about all the things he could do with the hat. Besides such mundane uses as shielding him from the sun and keeping off the rain, the magnificent hat could double as a sled or a boat and, in a pinch, it might protect him from a ferocious crocodile.

But then the boy thinks what might happen when the hat's owner comes back to the bench and finds it is gone. Once again, his imagination soars as he thinks of all the bad things that could plague the person if he or she were deprived of his/her hat.

What's the little boy going to do now? Take the hat or leave it where it is? Good question! Of course, I have no intention of telling you what he decides to do.

With its minimalist approach (the text is limited) the author challenges the reader to think about other ways this big red hat could be useful. Have fun with your youngster by figuring out other uses for this chapeau.

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