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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Corn (Picture Book)

Released on July 2009 (Re-issue)

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

When you go to the gas station have you ever noticed a little sign that tells you that your gas has something called ethanol in it? Some of it is made from corn of all things. Of course you know about corn on the cob, canned corn, popcorn, corn oil and corn muffins, but there are many products you might not ever suspect they had corn in them. For example corn can be found in medicine, jams and jellies, paper products, glue, soap and fruit drinks. Hey, corn is a vegetable, not a fruit!

In this book we find out all about the history of corn (called maize by the native peoples of Mexico and Central America), the names of the parts of a corn plant, the different types of corn, their uses, planting and harvesting of the corn crop and its many uses. And, as many of us know, “corn can also be nutritious and delicious.”

I haven’t met a Gail Gibbons book that hasn’t been colorful and charming, to say nothing of informative. Even the reluctant reader will enjoy reading the text and poring over the busy art work. In the back of the book there are additional corn facts. Gee whiz . . . I didn’t know that there are usually about 800 kernels in a corn cob!

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