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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Animal Heroes: True Rescue Stories (Non-Fiction)

Released September 2008

Reviewed by Deb Fowler

Sometimes things happen very quickly and disasters, whether or not they are on a small are large scale, can be very scary things to live through. It would be nice if there were always someone there exactly when things go wrong, but that doesn’t always happen. Strangely enough, animals can and do unexpectedly come to the rescue of people in crisis. In this book we find nine amazing true-life stories of people who were very grateful for the assistance their animal friends had to share! Let’s take a peek at a few these heroes to get an idea of what they did:

* Roselle, a guide dog, had to lead Mike Hingson down seventy-eight floors in the North Tower on September 11th. Learn how she saved him, even after the conditions outside the building suddenly became even more terrifying than the decent!

* Matt, Christina and Kate had been hiking on Mount, Hood, the highest peak in Oregon when a sudden storm overtook the group of eight they were with. Struggling to escape the storm and climb down the mountain, the group separated. One by one, the group became injured and had to spend the night on the mountain in increasingly dire circumstance. Read the exciting story of how Matt’s dog Velvet kept them alive during a fierce storm until help could arrive.

* Three young women, who were training to be lifeguards in New Zealand, went swimming with one of the girl’s fathers and another lifeguard when all of a sudden seven dolphins appeared out of nowhere and surrounded them. Why were they there? Find out about that great white shark lurking below the surface and how the dolphins bizarre behavior saved them all.

All nine stories in this book were exciting and heartwarming. The photographs will connect each and every reader to the people and animals who overcame and survived disaster. This book is absolutely riveting and I can almost guarantee the midnight oil will be burning if anyone starts reading late at night! Have you ever heard of Binti Jua, the lowland gorilla who saved a three-year-old boy from sure death when he fell over the railing into the rain forest exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo? That story is in here too!

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