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Friday, April 3, 2009

Amber Ambrosia (Juvenile)

Released April 2007

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

In this follow-up to The Serpent's Spell, Rae Bridgman returns readers to the lives of cousins Wil and Sophie who are enjoying their new status as heroes. After unraveling the mystery of the vanishing snakes, Wil and Sophie are at the Secretariat on the Status of Magical Creatures (SSMC) so that Wil can register his magical snake. In the bathroom, Sophie overhears a mysterious conversation. Bees in MiddleGate are becoming infested with Apiponis Destructor, a type of mite, and are becoming sick. The honey supply is dwindling and the pair decide to investigate.

When a beekeeping apprenticeship at Gruffud's Academy becomes available, the pair sign up. There they learn all about bees providing them with insight needed to help unravel this troubling mystery.

My next-door neighbor keeps two hives of bees, so I have a little insider knowledge into beekeeping. The details included in AMBER AMBROSIA offer incredible detail into the structure and management of hives. This drew me into the story and held my attention throughout.

The mystery itself wasn't too difficult for me to unravel, but I think children will find it more perplexing. I am curious to see if my suspicions about one of the characters is correct. I'll keep reading the MiddleGate series to find out!

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  1. Thank you, Tracy, for your kind words. I've had notes from other beekeepers who have loved being "inside-the-hive" too. And there are lots more adventures in MiddleGate! Rae